About Us

Pascal investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd “PASCAL” was founded in 2013, by Pascal Hlongwane who has +10 years’ experience in Mining industry. He was born in a village called Madidi near Brits in the North West province. Pascal holds a Degree in Metallurgy from University of Johannesburg and Post-graduate Diploma in Management and Marketing from University of Cape Town. Pascal started his career as Leaner official and held various level of senior and management position finally resigned as a Processing Manager to pursue his ambition and entrepreneurial spirit where he is currently head trading companies ranging from Mining, Procurement, ICT, Engineering and innovation Technology.This entities are current at various level of growth with the aim to “pave way for future generations”.

At Pascal Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, we are driven by our passion to always seek to understand and evolve with the various segments that we serve. We seek to keep our pulse on the developments taking place within those segments be it a new need that emerges or an advancement on a current offering. In this manner we have managed to come up with customized innovative solutions for various consumer segments. Insight is what drives us and we always pursue to effectively translate those insights into value propositions that wow consumers of our products and service offerings. Our quest as an innovation company is not only to innovate solutions that cater for our consumer segments’ “needs of today” but to also cater for the “needs of their tomorrow”. This has driven us to a point of actually not seeking out to understand consumer segments, but to go a step further of growing segments with the ultimate goal of creating new consumer segments of the future.

Pascal Investment Holdings has trading Divisions or division namely; Mineral Processing, Consultancy & Technical Support Services, Engineering & Maintenance, Innovation & Technology, Commodities & Procurement Services and Finance, Audit and Accounting Services. Each division within a subsidiary has a specific area of business focus, with all Divisions collectively contributing to the overall business objective of Pascal Investment Holdings.