Sodium Solicate Liquid

Pascal Investment Holdings is one of the leading suppliers of sodium silicate liquid used in the metallurgical industry for flotation purposes mainly in the PGM’s altered ore bodies.


Altered PGE-ores result in poor recoveries and grades because:

  • High phyllosilicate content affects the rheology and hence bubble particle collision
  • Naturally floating gangue, such as talc, is known to decrease the concentrate grade

  • Phyllosilicate slime particles coat the valuable particles

    The Use of Sodium Silicate in the PGM flotation

    Sodium Silicate is used as a depressant or dispersant in which it depresses the gangue minerals however it is not so selective. Sodium silicate has the following benefit:

  • Improves the viscosity of the froth
  • It improves froth mobility.
  • The froth bubbles on your float clears off and has the distinctive windows (bird’s eyelets) to show that the gangue is depressed.
  • Dispersant: reverses surfaces charge and prevents electrostatic attraction between slime and valuable particles
  • Depressant: rendering siliceous gangue and carbonates hydrophilic
  • pH and viscosity modifiers in non-metallic flotation
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